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Q: How do I earn Points?
A: Resorts World Manila awards Genting Points (GP) and the Maxims Points (MP)

  • Genting Points (GP) are earned through members’ gaming activities at the casino
  • Maxims Points (MP) are earned through your cash or credit card transactions at Remington Hotel, Maxims Hotel and at RWM signature restaurants
  • To learn more on how to earn RWM Points, please click on the link here

Q: What is the monetary value of my points?
A: Genting Points (GP) and Maxims Points (MP) are valued at 1Point =1 PHP, let’s say if you have 1,000 Points, you have PHP 1,000 to use.

Q: Where can I use my GP and MP?
A: You can redeem your earned GP and MP at Maxims Hotel, Remington Hotel, RWM Signature restaurants such as Ginzadon, Passion, Terrace, Impressions, Victoria Harbour Café among others; also you can use your Points to shop at RWM Redemption Store at G/F Gaming Area and at over 100 partner merchants at Newport Mall, Newport City and other selected partners outside RWM that offers a wide range of products and services.

Q: How will I know that a certain store accepts my GP or MP? 
A: To know the updated list of our partner merchants that accepts your Points, please visit our website at You can also personally visit restaurants and shops and look a signage that says “Points Accepted Here”. Alternatively, feel free to ask any merchant staff to know if the Points in your RWM Membership Card is accepted.

Q: How do I purchase products using points on RWM partner merchants?
A: It is as easy like using your credit or debit card. On point-of-purchase, show your RWM Membership Card together with a valid ID and inform the cashier that you will be using your RWM points. Upon processing, a Transaction Slips will be printed and simply sign on it.

Q: I don’t have enough points, can I pay the balance using cash or credit card?
A: Yes. You can process partial payment at our partner merchant using your Points plus cash or credit card.

Q: I personally authorize my transaction, why do I need to sign the charge slip?
A: For the security of your account, we require your signature to the transaction charge slip to avoid any fraud.

Q: Is there a way to see my Points transactions history?
A: Yes, you can check the history of your Points transaction by logging in at or insert your membership card in i-Kiosk machines located within RWM.

Q: I noticed that some of your Partner Merchant uses a mobile device to deduct my RWM Points. However, no charge slip is given to us. Is this something you authorize?
A: Yes. We deployed RWM Mobile POS in some of our partner merchants. Any transaction that will be made using this device will require your Membership Card PIN for your protection.

Q: What is RWM Mobile POS?
A: The RWM Mobile POS is a device that our partner merchants use to transact your Points at point-of-sale.

Q: How do I authorize transactions using the Mobile POS?
A: To authorize transactions in our partner merchant, simply check the amount of Points to be transacted and enter you membership card PIN.

Q: Can I exchange my points to cash?
A: Points are not convertible to cash.

Q: How do I authorize transactions using the Mobile POS?
A: To authorize transactions in our partner merchant, simply check the amount of Points to be transacted and enter you membership card PIN.

Q: Who can use my RWM Points?
A: For the security of any account, we only allow the person named on the RWM Membership Card to transact at our partner merchants. Our partner merchant verifies this by requiring you to present of any valid ID.

Q: Can I use my Points in other merchants outside RWM?
A: Currently, Points are accepted at over 100 participating partner merchants at Newport Mall. , However, we have also partnered with selected merchants in Tagaytay, Mall of Asia and Lucky Chinatown Mall. For complete list, please visit

Q: Can I use all my Points?
A: Yes, we encourage you to use up all your Points and you are not required to maintain and Points balance.

Q: Will my points expire if I do not use it?
A: Yes, points expire every three years from the time you earned it.

Q: I saw on my transaction history that I have Points Transaction from a certain merchant which I did not recall I authorize. Where and how can I file a dispute?
A: For transaction disputes, member can report the incident to the Membership counter. RWM Merchant Relationships Team shall coordinate with the partner merchant on the actions that need to be taken

Q. Your partner merchant deducted more Points than the actual bill, what will I do?
Please immediately inform the partner merchant staff about the discrepancy. Any confirmed discrepancies rest assured that the excess Points deducted on your account will immediately be reinstated.

Q: I noticed that the points were not deducted after I left the outlet. What will I do?
A: Member has to report the incident immediately to the partner merchant. Please keep in mind that RWM reserves the right to adjust or deduct Points that were erroneously recorded.