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Membership Policies


The Resorts World Manila (“RWM”) Membership Card refers to the access device issued to qualified members under the RWM Membership Program. The benefits and privileges, as well as the rights and obligations, appurtenant thereto shall be governed by the terms and conditions set forth hereunder including any amendment thereto or modification thereof that may, from time to time, be introduced by RWM at its sole discretion, without need of prior notice.


  1. In this document, the following definitions shall be used:
    1. “RWM Exclusives” is a membership program operated and managed by RWM which may be varied by the same from time to time at its sole discretion.
    2. “Member” shall refer to the named or designated cardholder of the Membership Card.
    3. “Membership Card” means the access device issued to qualify RWM Members under the RWM Exclusives.
    4. “Genting Points” are Points earned when at play inside the gaming areas points.
    5. “Maxims Points” are points earned on cash or credit card transactions when dining at the RWM-Owned restaurants and staying at Remington Hotel or Maxims Hotel. Both Genting Points and Maxims Points us or may be regarded as “Points”.
    6. “Points”, may be used as form of payment in RWM-Owned Establishments and Accredited Merchants as determined by RWM.
    7. “Tier Points” shall refer to points earned within 1 year and used to determine Membership Tier Upgrade, Downgrade and Retention.
    8. “Membership Tiers” refers to the card levels of RWM Exclusives identified as Classic, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
    9. “Personal Information” means confidential information requested from RWM members through the mandatory application form.
    10. “RWM-Owned Establishments” shall refer to establishments owned and directly managed by RWM such as hotels, dining outlets, recreational venues, ticketing offices, retail and redemption counters and parking facilities;
    11. “Accredited Merchant” shall refer to external establishments that are not under the management of RWM but have signed an agreement with the latter for membership privileges.


  1. Subject to full compliance with the eligibility requirements, any natural person who is twenty-one (21) years old and above may apply for RWM membership and be entitled to the issuance of an RWM Membership Card.
  2. Corporations, the business entity of sole proprietors, partnerships and other similar juridical entities are not eligible for membership.
  3. Any misrepresentation or any act or form of misrepresentation or false declaration may be a ground for the suspension or revocation of RWM Membership subject to the sole discretion of RWM. Member shall hold RWM free and harmless, from any or all claims, demands or liabilities arising out of, or in connection with, any misrepresentation or any act or form of misrepresentation or false declaration in the application form.
  4. RWM reserves the right to accept or decline any Membership application; grant any reward or benefit that a Member may be entitled to; or any dispute relating to RWM Membership and RWM Membership Card. Any objection or appeal shall not be entertained.
  5. A Member may only hold one (1) type of RWM Membership Card which is non-transferrable and shall exclusively be used by the Member.
  6. The RWM Membership Card is and at all times, the property of RWM and must be surrendered to RWM immediately upon request or when replaced by RWM at its own discretion.
  7. Upon Membership Card expiration, the renewed Card will likewise be subject to the terms and conditions herein and such other rules and regulations that may be imposed by RWM upon the time of issuance of the Membership Card.
  8. As a condition for acceptance to membership, an applicant must provide his/her personal information (i.e. full name, valid government identification card/passport details, date of birth, addresses, contact numbers), as well as such other information as may be required by RWM. Member hereby unconditionally and irrevocably consents to the processing and storage of his/her personal information in a system operated under the direct control and supervision of RWM and its authorized employees and officers.
  9. Member hereby agrees to be contacted by RWM should additional information be required. Member also agrees to link his or her membership account to another Member/s who may have known marital or filial relationship with him or her.
  10. By accepting the Membership Card, the Member freely and knowingly gives his consent, waiving any and all formality in the expression of such consent, and gives full authority and special power to RWM, any of its operating departments, or any one of its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and/or group of companies of its parent companies, and their officers, directors and shareholders, to request, secure, obtain, use, collect and/or process any personal, sensitive and/or privileged information about and/or relating to the Member.
  11. Member shall immediately notify RWM in writing of any change of his/her personal information. RWM shall not be liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the Member arising from RWM’s delay or failure to update the database system or for any reason whatsoever.


  1. The member’s card tier will be determined by the total Tier Points he/she earned within his/her Anniversary Year.
  2. Member’s tier evaluation will be conducted on his/her Anniversary Month, unless RWM, at its sole discretion, schedules a different period. Member must meet the required number of Tier Points to be upgraded or retained as determined by RWM from time to time.
  3. Members who fail to maintain to the required Tier Points as determined by RWM from time to time shall be automatically downgraded.


  1. Corresponding Points, discounts/rebates, benefits, entitlements and/or other privileges may, at the sole discretion of RWM or upon agreement with the Accredited Merchants, be awarded to the Member solely upon purchase or availment of selected products and/or services and only upon due presentation of the RWM Membership Card.
  2. The Points earned by a Member may only be used within three (3) years from the date they were earned. Upon the lapse of three (3) years, unused points shall be forfeited by RWM without need of prior notice to the Member.
  3. RWM is under no legal obligation to disclose or explain the calculation methods or other matters relating to the accumulation or earning of Points, discounts/rebates, benefits, entitlements and/or other privileges. Points will not be awarded on taxes or other related fees or charges to be remitted by RWM to any regulatory or governmental authority.
  4. Members with earned points may redeem the corresponding rewards from selected RWM-Owned Establishments or Accredited Merchants, subject to the terms and conditions prescribed by RWM and/or the Accredited Merchants including, but not limited to: (a) The procedures to be strictly followed for redemption; (b) Restrictions in the quantity of a particular reward that a Member may exchange for points; (c) Classification of Members into different categories; (d) Offer of different rewards and benefits for different categories of Members.
  5. Member shall be required to affix his/her signature on the transaction slips and present any valid government-issued ID for verification purposes before any Points, discounts/rebate, benefits, entitlements and/or other privileges may be awarded. Such award and/or the mechanics to avail thereof may be changed by RWM or its Accredited Merchants from time to time, without need of prior notice.
  6. Member shall prevent any third person from using the Card. He/she shall likewise be absolutely prohibited from causing or consenting to the transfer of points earned by another person to his/her card, regardless of whether or not the latter consented to such transfer.
  7. Member hereby authorizes RWM to automatically deduct or adjust membership Points, in case of overpayment, miscalculation or any inaccuracy in the accumulation thereof, without the need of prior notice.
  8. Corresponding Points, discounts/rebates, benefits, entitlements and/or other privileges earned by the Member shall not be at any way be exchanged or redeemed for cash.
  9. RWM or any of its accredited merchants reserve the right to refuse any request for redemption or to recover any reward redeemed if there is reasonable basis to believe that the points used by the Cardholders were fraudulently or erroneously recorded.


  1. If the Membership Card is lost, stolen or damaged, Member must report the fact of loss or damage immediately in order to temporarily deactivate the Membership Card. RWM is not responsible and will not be held liable for any transactions made using the Membership Card between the time of loss and account deactivation.
  2. Replacement Membership Card is subject to payment of the prevailing replacement fees, if any.


  1. Member hereby unconditionally consents to receive SMS, e-mail or other promotional literature, or any form of service and/or administrative announcements including, but not limited to projects, campaigns, or promotional materials that may be carried out by RWM or Accredited Merchants, as well as their respective holding companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, associates or related companies. Member’s consent herein may only be revoked upon prior written notice to RWM.
  2. Member shall not hold RWM and all the Accredited Merchants directly or indirectly liable for any loss or damage that may be suffered by the Member arising from any delay or non-receipt of the Catalogues or any error therein.


  1. Member may terminate the use of the Membership Card by notifying RWM in writing accompanied by the actual return of the Membership Card.
  2. Any violation of any provision stated in this terms and conditions shall subject the Member/s concerned to appropriate administrative, criminal and/or civil actions. RWM likewise reserves its right to immediately bar, terminate, change, suspend or cancel the membership of any Member/s who shall violate any provision subject upon the sole discretion of RWM. Points earned shall be forfeited without prior notice to the member.
  3. If the Points or rewards system is suspended or terminated for whatever reason, Member hereby holds RWM free and harmless, and shall indemnify the latter, for whatever loss or damage that may be suffered by the Member due to such suspension or termination.


  1. Member may apply for a maximum of one (1) Supplementary Card for the Member’s legitimate spouse or other related parties as authorized by RWM. Such Supplementary Card shall also be subject to the terms and conditions stated herein.
  2. Member shall be solidarily liable for any breach or default on the part of the Supplementary Cardholder.


  1. RWM reserves the sole and exclusive right to accept, grant or reject requests for the upgrade or downgrade of the Membership Card.
  2. To the full extent permitted by law, RWM hereby disclaims any and all such warranties, representations, or statements made or given by the Accredited Merchants, condition of their outlets, as well as the benefits or rewards they offer. Member hereby waives all claims against RWM that may arise from such disputes.
  3. In no event shall RWM be liable to any Member or any third party for any loss or injury or any special, direct, indirect, incidental, exemplary or consequential losses or damages whatsoever or howsoever caused under any cause of action arising directly or indirectly in connection with the use or possession of the Membership Card.
  4. If RWM is found liable by a court of competent jurisdiction, the liability of RWM to the Member for any cause whatsoever and regardless of the cause of action shall be limited to restoring the Points and/or benefits to the Membership Card.
  5. Member shall indemnify and hold RWM free and harmless against any liability for loss, penalty, damage, costs and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs) which RWM may incur by reason of or arising, directly or indirectly, from any breach on the part of the Member in complying or observing the terms and conditions stated herein or in otherwise using the Membership Card or recovery of any outstanding amounts due from the Member.
  6. RWM is not responsible for: (a) withdrawal of the Accredited Merchants from the Points or rewards system; (b) Points and/or benefits cancelled caused by the withdrawal of the Accredited Merchants from the Points or rewards system; or (c) changes or cessation of business of the Accredited Merchants which may affect the Points and/or benefits offered. Accredited Merchants are subject to change at any time without notice.
  7. The terms and conditions herein shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the Philippines.
  8. All the terms and conditions governing the Points will equally apply to any other type of Points, if any, that may be awarded by RWM or Accredited Merchants.
  9. The English version of this terms and conditions shall prevail over other versions.
  10. Member warrants to have read and understood the entire terms and conditionsset forth herein.